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Conventional to technical methods of extraction include
Pressure extraction (hot and cold)
Filtration to entrap foreign organic matter and heavy metals with leaf filters, sparkler filters, line filters, and
Concentration (under vacuum)
Solvent ?water and alcohol
Active purification: the crude drug is enriched to higher percent of purity and quantity of active constituent, by
  successive extractions with multiple solvent and filtrations
Drying concepts: along with simple conventional tray drying methods, specialized vacuum tray drying and
  spray drying systems are adopted to assure uniformity of color, particle size and consistent uniform herbal active content
Standardization: the extracts are standardized with reference to
  1. Assay of active principles, physical properties, chemical parameters and microbial limits
2. Scale up form lab to pilot plant, followed by pilot plant to production level
Finishing & Formulation
  • Finishing area- extracts are packed with utmost care in dust proof environment and air circulation systems. Each activity of milling, blending and packing is carried out in separate section
  • Formulation- Animal feed supplement (liquids) and medicines (capsules, liquids & oils)
    • Capacity to manufacture liquids of sizes 300ml, 500ml, 1litre, 5litres and 30 litres
    • Capsules 250 mg and 500 mg
Quality Control & Research
  • Quality control- raw materials are sourced the best in terms of quality, their type of cultivation, collection, treatment, storage and processing. Extracts are produced with
    • Right quality and purity
    • Batch to batch consistency
    • Standard manufacturing practice
    • Timely delivery
  • The process of quality starts from raw material quality assessment in terms of morphological characters and phytochemical constituents, standardization of extraction procedure at pilot batch followed by bulk production with intermediate in-process yield and assay monitoring, till the drying, packing and dispatching stage
  • Research and development- is constantly engaged in designing methodologies for successful use of secondary metabolites from herbs for efficient, concurrent yield of active constituents

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