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The manufacturing process commences with the selection of quality raw material, sourced worldwide from approved suppliers. All raw materials are quality tested according to endorsed National compendia, such as Indian Herbal Pharmacopoea and scientifically validated methods that have been developed in house.

Quality testing is performed in in-house laboratory, equipped with modern analytical technology. Techniques such as TLC, HPLC and Microscopy are utilized to identity and record quality of herbal material.

Extraction involves selection of solvents to ensure preservation of the phytochemical constituents with application of desired temperature. Powdering and blending are done under air-lock system for a specified particle size.

Inline quality checks are performed at every stage of processes. The final product is packed, labeled and tested against product specifications, which include dry solids, color, phytochemical profile, heavy metals, solvent residues and microbial levels. A final check is performed on the finished product, which includes the review of associated documentation.

Manufacturing processes:

  • Critical steps in the manufacturing process are validated
  • Operators are trained to carry out procedures correctly
  • Comprehensive records are made during the manufacturing process which demonstrate that all necessary steps were performed
  • Batch records are retained to enable the complete history of a batch to be retraced
    All necessary requirements for GMP are provided including:
    • Appropriately qualified and trained personnel
    • Adequate premises and space
    • Specialized equipment and services
    • Correct materials, containers and labels
    • Approved written procedures and instructions
    • Suitable storage and transport
ISO Certification